Ride Rules

  1. Ride at your own pace and within your own comfort zone according to the conditions, day and time of day. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with other riders.
  2. Roads will not be monopolised to the detriment of other road users.
  3. At all times put the safety of yourself and others above everything else.
  4. On most rides a Lead Rider and “Tail End Charlie” (TEC) will be in place.
  5. The Lead Rider will not move off until he or she has been notified by the TEC that all is ready.
  6. Single file only through corners and on narrow roads.
  7. Although it’s legal, don’t ride side by side. If a rider has to take evasive action, they may take out another rider. Keep a safe distance from each other. Staggered formation (riders in alternate wheel tracks) is better than single-file at slow speeds as the ride doesn’t string out as far and people don’t get left behind. It also provides more braking distance between riders. However, it can also lead to riders bunching up. The faster you are going, the more space you need between each other. Once over 80km/h, go back to single file.
  8. Passing on the left is strictly prohibited. Riders doing so will be disqualified from the ride.
  9. Corner Markers: The rider immediately behind the Ride Leader will, at the direction of the Lead Rider and under the rider’s discretion only where safe to do so, wait on corners in a visible location and out of the way of traffic and indicate the route following riders are to take. If you don’t want to corner mark then don’t be up front.
  10. Corner Markers are to stay in place until the TEC passes.In some cases due to mishap this may be a considerable time. Corner markers may move on if another rider substitutes to mark the corner.
  11. Riders wishing to deviate or quit the ride midway must notify the Ride Leader or Tail End Charlie before leaving.
  12. Any rider who overtakes the Ride Leader without approval will be deemed to have left the ride.
  13. In the event of a breakdown or a mishap do not congregate at the location of such. Leave it to those who can do something constructive about the situation. If you can do something constructive, such as warning approaching traffic or you have special expertise that can assist, then do so.
  14.  If you need assistance then pull over in a location that is safe. Visibility is important but safety is more important. You’ll be provided with a contact number in case we can’t locate you (assuming there is a mobile signal). GPS co-ordinates are great to locate you if you have a device that provides them. Many mobile phones can provide GPS co-ordinates via an application.
  15. If you need to stop for any immediate reason then do so in a safe location. We’d rather annoy the TEC by keeping him or her waiting than have you ride in discomfort.
  16. A Club Register will be maintained by the club for each official club ride with details of Riders and Pillions attending and specific details of any historically registered vehicles attending.
  17. Forget your troubles and your woes – you are out to enjoy.
  18. Have fun and enjoy your ride.