Our Objectives

The objectives of the Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc. (NORMEC), as submitted to NSW Fair Trading on Incorporation and forming part of our constitution, are:

  1. To encourage the restoration, maintenance, collection and use of all classes of motorcycles and motor vehicles.
  2. To foster a positive image of motorcycling and motoring in the community.
  3. To promote the increased use of motorcycles for transport and recreation.
  4. To promote improvements in all aspects of safety concerning motorcycling.
  5. To promote the development of motorcycle rider skills.
  6. To promote the continuation and development of all forms of motorised activities for recreation and sport.
  7. To conduct events and activities to further the club’s objectives and foster the cause of motorcycling and motoring for both recreation and sport.
  8. To establish and maintain close links with motoring clubs, groups, associations and organisations with similar objectives to the club’s own.
  9. To promote the activities and events of clubs, groups associations and organisations with similar objectives to the club’s own.
  10. To further a positive image of motorcycling in the community and assist those in need by the way of the conduct of or promotion of charitable fundraising activities and by making charitable and community donations as the club sees fit and appropriate.
  11. To promote good will among members of the association and between the association and the community at large.
  12. To assist in the earning of confidence of the community at large in their dealings with members of the association in their various capacities.
  13. To take all reasonable steps to ensure transparency in that members of the association are fully and honestly informed as to the administration, finances, fees and charges associated with the ongoing conduct of the association.
  14. To facilitate opportunities for the personal and professional development of members through their engagement with the association.

Our objectives represent the diverse backgrounds and interests of our members, our desire and commitment to have an active presence in the motorcycle community and the community at large and our high level of accountability to members.

Download a copy of the Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc Constitution