NSW Historic Vehicle Registration Logbook Trial

As from October 1 2015 the Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc (NORMEC) will be participating in the NSW Historic Vehicle Logbook Trial.

The trial runs for a period of 2 years and allows members with conditional registered historic vehicles to opt in to 60 days of general use per year (i.e. maintenance and personal use) outside of club organised events. . There is no restriction on the type of use during these 60 days excepting that the vehicle cannot be used for commercial use. Note that use for maintenance or testing purposes is included in the 60 day allowance.

It is the sole responsibility of the member to maintain the logbook “sheet” issued by NSW RMS. Entries in the sheet need to be made prior to the commencement of the journey and the sheet needs to be carried with the vehicle at all times. Where the vehicle is operated by a number of users during a day of use then the name of the first user needs to be entered in the sheet.

NORMEC reserves the right to inspect the logbook sheet at any time.

The logbook scheme is open to both current and new members.

At this stage, NORMEC sets no participation requirements for a member to participate in this trial.

Prospective members wishing to make use of this scheme should checkout our Join Us page.