NORMEC Members and Volunteers Personal Accident Insurance

As additional coverage to our Public Liability Insurance, members of the Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc (NORMEC) are covered by Personal Injury Insurance at no additional cost. Cover is included in your membership fee. This cover extends to non-club members who volunteer to work on behalf of the club and applies to officially sanctioned club events or club activities including necessary travel to and from such events.

The policy provides a loss of income benefit and specified benefits in relation to death by accident or permanent / temporary disability caused by an accident.

Members and volunteers from 12 to 80 are covered and there is a reduced benefit for members from 81 to 90.

The policy is effective from November 1 2015.

In a nutshell:

The policy has benefit limits for members aged between 12 and 80 for Death, Loss of Limbs or injury thereof up to $65,000. The weekly benefit provides cover up to $650 per week for up to 156 weeks. Members aged between 81-90 are also provided with cover for Death, Loss of Limbs or injury thereof but up to $10,000.

Our Insurer is a leader in Club Insurance in Australia backed through international resources and insurers many notable sports and social clubs.

Members wishing to view our policy should contact us.

Another example of how the Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc puts its members first.

What’s stopping you? Come along and join us!

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