NORMEC Joins Queensland Motorised Sports Council

The committee of the Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc (NORMEC) is pleased to announce that the club is now an Organisation Member of the Queensland Motorised Sports Council (QMSC).

As an Organisation Member of QMSC, NORMEC has a delegate to QMSC with full voting rights. The objectives of QMSC align with many of our own and we look forward to promoting the QMSC objectives including, but not limited to, the promotion of motorised sports activities for both sport and recreation through our membership.

QMSC operates a Queensland Special Interest Vehicle (SIV) registration scheme which allows SIV registration of historic vehicles without any participation requirements. As an Organisation member of QMSC, our events are sanctioned by QMSC and allows for club members in Queensland with historic vehicles to attend our events and events sanctioned by us and many other events, including events as listed in the QMSC Calendar, without any club participation requirements. Check out Qld SIV Registration page for more information.

More news on benefits to club members via our membership with QMSC coming soon!

Stay tuned!

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