NORMEC adopts a Risk Management Strategy

The Management Committee of the Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc.(NORMEC) has adopted a Risk Manage Strategy in accordance with the guidelines in “HB 246:2010 Guidelines for managing risk in sport and recreation organizations”.

Risk is defined in AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 as the ‘effect of uncertainty on objectives’.

Many associations, to some degree,  continually manage risk—sometimes consciously, often  without realising it, but rarely systematically. In considering the adoption of the guidelines in HB 246:2010, NORMEC has taken into consideration the issue of not whether the association manages its risks but how well it does so. NORMEC considers that unless the association’s risk management methods are systematic, there can be no assurance that risk will be managed effectively or that responsibilities for prudent governance will have been discharged.

NORMEC considers the following objectives to be the core of the club’s Risk Management Strategy and to be critical in meeting the Club Objectives:

  • enjoyment, safety and affordability for participants, spectators and volunteers;
  • sustaining and increasing membership;
  • sustaining and improving sporting or recreational success;
  • sustaining and improving community involvement;
  • sustaining and improving financial viability;
  • compliance with the law, regulations, policies or rules and standards of behaviour;
  • discharging duties of care;
  • maintaining a positive public image and reputation with stakeholders, regulators, sponsors and media.
  • achievement of member’s personal goals;
  • member’s self-esteem;
  • social interaction;
  • peer group acceptance and approval;
  • staying healthy and promoting one’s level of health;
  •  stress release and relaxation; and
  • the overall improvement in one’s quality of life.

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