Historic Vehicle Registration

The Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc (NORMEC) is a Historic Vehicle Club registered with NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)  serving the Far North Coast of NSW. NORMEC provides a Historic Conditional Registration Scheme (HCRS) in accordance with the requirements and set down by RMS.

As from October 1 2015, NORMEC will be participating in the 2 year Historic Vehicle Registration  Logbook Trial. The trial allows members with conditional registered historic vehicles to opt in to 60 days of general use per year (i.e. maintenance and personal use) outside of club organised events. At this stage, NORMEC sets no requirements for those that opt into this scheme to attend club events or club sanctioned events to retain club membership.

Historic Conditional Registration entitles the club member to substantially reduced costs for annual registration which includes the issue of historic plates and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance under the Motor Accidents Act, 1988, which is collected by RMS on behalf of QBE Insurance Company.

The movement of all club vehicles registered through our traditional HCRS are to be recorded by the club. We provide an online form for the purpose of such and contact numbers will be provided to club members not using the form or when the form is not accessible.

Our traditional HCRS forms part of our Constitution and is also available as a separate download. All applicants shall be handed a copy of this Part of the association’s constitution. Applicants shall read and fully understand their responsibilities and agree to abide with this part of the constitution before HCRS is issued.


The member must be a financial member of the Club. The scheme is only available to club members who are NSW Residents.The vehicle must be thirty (30) years of age or older as from the year of manufacture and must be as close to original condition as possible with no alterations except for safety features such as seat belts, turn indicators, period accessories or period improvements.

While the club offers a grace period of 30 days for members to pay due fees, we consider members who have not paid due fees by 30th June each year to not be a financial member of the club.

Vehicle Road Worthiness

The member must either obtain a Safety Certificate (“pink slip”) or a declaration of road worthiness issued by an authorised member of the Club. The member will be advised which one is required. RMS form 1259 shall be completed and must have the bottom right corner completed by the appointed official of the Club and must also have the Club’s stamp in that corner. The Club shall keep a copy of the completed 1259 form for its records. The signed form 1259 with the appropriate road worthiness certificate must be presented to the RMS by the member within forty two (42) days to be valid. Where the Member belongs to more than one RMS recognised Historic Vehicle Club, the details of the other clubs may be entered under the special conditions on the form.

Vehicle Use- 60 Day Logbook Scheme Trial

This is an opt in scheme. Your participation is recorded by RMS.

The scheme allows 60 days of use during the registration period. Use includes club runs, maintenance and personal use. The onus with this scheme is for the owner to complete the logbook sheet supplied by RMS prior to the outing and to keep that sheet in his or her possession during the course of the outing. There is no need to log vehicle movements with the club with this scheme.

Vehicle Use- Traditional HCRS Scheme

Unauthorised use of vehicles registered under the Historic Conditional Registration Scheme shall be treated as an unregistered vehicle and is not covered by insurance.

Club Events

Historic vehicles shall only be used for Club events, except as set out in the section – Servicing of Club vehicles. 

Club events shall be:-

  1. events as set out on the club events calendar, or
  2. events conducted by affiliated clubs to which an official written invitation has been received by the club, or
  3. events organised by Roads and Maritime recognised historic vehicle clubs or community organisations, provided an official invitation has been received and recorded by the club in the official minutes, or ‘Day Book’, or
  4. events which the club grants special permission to attend.

NORMEC may endorse or arrange events, either mid-week or of a weekend, to suit member’s needs provided such events are within the spirit of the club’s HCRS and the intent of RMS Historic Registration.

As a member organisation of the Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC of NSW) and the Queensland Motorised Sports Council (QMSC) NORMEC sanctions all events in the respective calendars at MCC of NSW Calendar and QMSC Events.

Operators wishing to use historic vehicles for the passenger transport for weddings or other functions should first check the requirements under the Passenger Transport Act 1990. The operator must also seek approval from the club, and the details recorded by the club in the official minutes or ‘Day Book’.

Club registered historic vehicles may be used temporarily in other States and Territories under the same conditions as apply in NSW.

Servicing of vehicles

  1. All movements of club vehicles registered under the association’s HCRS must be recorded in the official minutes or a day book held by the Secretary or Registrar of the Club.
  2. Journeys necessary for the servicing or road testing of vehicles may go to the notified garaging place of the said vehicle by the shortest possible route and are permitted at any time, but the movement of the vehicle must be recorded.
  3. Any longer runs necessary for the servicing of vehicles may only be made after receiving permission from the Club Plates Registrar or, in absence from the President, Secretary or Treasurer. This permission must be properly recorded in the Club Records by the person approving the movement with full details of time, place and reason.
  4. Service runs for road testing a vehicle after extensive work must go to the nearest point of garaging. Permission to be obtained.

For the purpose of (3) NORMEC considers “longer runs” to be in excess of 8 km from the place of garaging. This distance can ,however, be variable depending on the location of the vehicle. If in doubt then seek approval.

Responsibility of club members

    1. All enquires must be direct to the Plates Registrar. Individual approaches to
      the Roads and Maritime Services are not permitted.
    2. Historic number plates are issued to a member of the club and are not transferable either to another vehicle or person in the event of the vehicle being sold.
    3. Member participation in the club’s traditional HCRS is granted in the belief that the members’ prime intended use for the HCRS registered vehicle is for Club Outings. The Committee retains the right to reconsider eligibility for issue or renewal should this cease to be the case or if the vehicle does not attend Club outings during the year without good cause.
    4. Members who opt in to the 60 day logbook historic registration trial are solely responsible for entering details regarding the outing in the provided logbook. NORMEC reserves the right to inspect the logbook at any time and reserves the right to apply conditions on attendance at club events or club sanctioned events as part of ongoing membership at any time.
    5. Plates must be immediately returned to Roads and Maritime Services:-

a) in the event of the sale of the vehicle on which they are issued, or
b) upon the member’s resignation from the Club, or
c) upon the member’s failure to remain a financial member within the meaning of the Constitution of the Club, or
d) on failure to pay any levy that may be constitutionally approved by a duly constituted Club meeting, or
e) at the directive of a Club Committee decision, or
f) if the Club Inspector considers the vehicle has been made unsafe or altered after it has been inspected.