DVD: Ride Like a Pro

The-NEW-RLAP-DVD-Cover_October_2012The New Ride Like A Pro DVD contains all the information from the previous Ride Like a Pro DVD’s plus, much more!

· More tips and tricks for handling heavy weight motorcycles.
· Even easier explanations in a simple step by step format.
· You’ll see the common mistakes riders make and how to avoid those mistakes.
· Camera angles from the rider’s point of view in front, behind and above.
· You’ll see riders who have learned the three motor officer techniques directly from my last DVD. You’ll see how they
did it and how you can do the same thing.
· Five women riders on heavyweight motorcycles as well as five men riders demonstrate the techniques with confidence and
· You’ll see new and challenging exercises made simple and easy.

In this DVD we use a wide variety of motorcycles from luxury tourers to sport bikes and everything in between.