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Businesses listed in this directory support the Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club by way of sponsorship, donations, or by providing member benefits or we support or endorse them. We encourage members and our supporters to support those who support us and whom we support.

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Queensland Motorised Sports Council Inc (QMSC)

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Our vision is that all forms of legal motorised recreational activities be accepted as legitimate social past times. We aim to unite all people who are interested in recreational motorised sports activities; providing the representative mass to influence political and social spheres that may affect our activities. QMSC is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation established to represent & advocate for and on behalf of the three elements essential to grow, support and enjoy motorised sports recreational activities and events—People, Venues and Organisations… all represented equally by QMSC.


The Northern Rivers Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc is an Organisation Member of QMSC.

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