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First Aid For Motorcyclists

Contact: Tracy Hughes
Work Phone: 0408 956 435 Website: First Aid For Motorcyclists Website: Course Bookings


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This is not your usual first aid training course.

At “First Aid for Motorcyclists” the focus is entirely on learning motorcycle related first aid trauma management and understanding how to confidently manage an accident scene. The highly specialized areas of training include knowing when and how to remove a helmet and perform effective CPR, how to move a casualty in danger and manage breathing bleeding, burns, breaks, shock and head, neck and spinal injury.

The training is targeted, specific and relevant; whether you commute in the city or enjoy longer rides in the country, this highly specialised course gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to provide immediate and critical first aid to a rider who’s come down. You will learn how to effectively handle the accident scene, preserve life and promote recovery until emergency services arrive

Remember… Motorcyclists are more likely to come across other riders who have gone down.We urge you to enrol in this course and learn these vital skills today.

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